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Why Are Grey Squirrels Considered a Pest?

Despite the cute appearance of grey squirrels, they’re one of the most common forms of household pests, with many searching for grey squirrels control in Edinburgh as a result.

Some may assume that the presence of a grey squirrel doesn’t pose much of a threat and will feel that calling in a specialist company for the removal is somewhat extreme.

However, when you consider the actual risk that grey squirrels can bring to the home, then it becomes evident why the use of pest control for squirrels is so prevalent.

The Damage That Grey Squirrels Cause

When compared to red counterparts, grey squirrels are more destructive, even in their own environment.  Grey squirrels are renowned for causing a great deal of damage to trees, which costs the timber industry an astonishing £14 million per year.

Given the destruction that grey squirrels can cause in their own environment, it stands to reason that people are keen to put a resolution in place when there are signs of a grey squirrel presence shown.

As well as causing damage to the garden, if grey squirrels can enter the property, then you will find they will cause damage to wires, fixtures and furnishing and in some instances, they could end up nesting in different locations around the home.

Signs of a Grey Squirrel Infestation

The way in which grey squirrels make their presence can vary. If you find any of the following, then you could have a grey squirrel infestation.

  • Scratching or Rustling Coming from the Loft
  • Unfamiliar Droppings Around the Home
  • Bark Being Stripped from Trees
  • Fruits and Nuts Being Taken from Bird Feeders
  • Strong Smell of Urine

Those trying to eradicate the infestation of grey squirrels can attempt to the lay their own traps, but in most instances, a serious infestation will require the use of a pest control company to ensure that the issue is dealt with in the right way.

Minimising the Likelihood of a Squirrel Infestation

As a squirrel infestation can manifest in different ways, there’s no foolproof plan that can ensure that an infestation never takes place.

However, there are some steps that can be taken to ensure that a grey squirrel infestation is less likely, such as the following:

The Removal of Food Sources: Ensure waste food is cleared and bird feeders are emptied.

Reduce Entry into the Home: Grey squirrel use tress to enter spaces into the home, so cutting back trees and ensuring repairs are adhered to can reduce the likelihood of a grey squirrel infestation.

Consider Specialised Devices: There are many devices available that emit light and high-frequency noises that can help deter squirrels, but it should be noted that some of these devices could affect pets living in the home.

Although there are traps available for squirrels, they’re not the best approach for an infestation, and some could even be inhumane when it comes to pest control.

A squirrel infestation can be problematic to homes and businesses, so ensuring that a professional is sought in the first instance ensures that the ramifications of a squirrel infestation are minimised.