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3 Ways to Save Power When Heating Your Home

Indoor heating costs a lot of money. However, most of us are willing to spend a fortune to heat our homes during the winter. In some places, it isn’t really just a luxury, but more of a necessity. It is quite surprising to know that most people are actually spending more than what is necessary to heat their homes.

If you follow these power-saving tips, you will significantly cut down on your heating bill. Some of these tips might be pretty obvious for some, but most will probably be pleasantly surprised.

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Use Natural Heat

Even during winter, the sun still provides a lot of heat. Try to remove any obstacles that are blocking the sun’s rays to your windows. At night, try to use thicker coverings, such as double curtains. You can also try window treatments and covers such as dual shades. These usually have a dark side to absorb heat and a lighter side to reflect it.

Automate Your Heating

Buying a Smart Thermostat or at least a programmable one will save you a lot of money. These devices can automatically turn down the heat inside empty rooms. They can also automatically turn themselves off when you leave the house. More importantly, they will be able to regulate their output depending on a specific room’s temperature.

Reduce Ventilation

People probably take their home’s ventilation system for granted. However, it is important to note that a ventilation system can quickly remove expensive warm air from an entire house in just hours. To solve this, you can try to install automatic timers on these fans. Or, you could just religiously turn them off when not needed.

Raise Humidity

Dry air actually makes you feel colder than moist air. Aside from making it feel warmer, adding humidity to your home also allows heat to stay longer. It also decreases dry skin and chapped lips, making you feel more comfortable. If you don’t want to buy a humidifier, there are some ways to increase humidity without the use of technology. You can try placing containers of water around your house to increase the humidity. You can place them near radiators or stoves to help the evaporation process.

Use a Space Heater Instead

Space heaters have come a long way in terms of efficiency and design. Some budget options cost less than $50 and will provide a lot of heat. These devices are also much more power-efficient than older models, which saves you a lot of money. The biggest advantage of using space heaters is that they are portable enough to move to different rooms if needed.