Planning for Safety: Make Your Home Safer With These Useful Design Tips

Our homes are places that we feel the most secure and the safest. However, poorly built houses may become deathtraps. Accidents at home are one of the most common ways people get injured. The most common areas in our homes where accidents happen include stairs, bathrooms, and doorways.

Fortunately, there are some methods to ensure that our homes are safe for us and our children. With these universally applicable tips, you can make sure that your home remains a safe haven for your loved ones. These universal design features are applicable to any house or structure, which means that you may want to consider adding them to yours.

Avoid Uneven Surfaces

Obstructions such as a curb in the bathroom can lead to some nasty falls. Even if the difference in elevation is just an inch high, people can still trip over them if they are not paying attention to where they are going.

Install Grab Bars

Grab bars really aren’t just for the elderly. Adults and children can also take advantage of them should they suddenly lose their balance. Grab bars are relatively easy to install and having them is a safe solution to prevent any unwanted accidents. You can install grab bars in specific areas in your bathrooms and staircases.

Go for Carpet or Matte Finishes

More often than not, accidents usually occur in staircases. Placing a non-slip carpet or skid-resistant treads on the steps can help prevent accidents. For those who prefer wood finishes, it will be best to go for matte finishes as opposed to gloss finishes. Socks and certain footwear are prone to slipping on gloss finished steps.

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